Voice, Flute, & Dulcimer Lessons

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Voice Lessons are available for ages 8-adult. 

Individual voice instruction is offered for the beginning or intermediate student, with focus on the fundamentals of vocal technique and musicianship. This includes breathing and breath management, freedom of production, registration, resonance, diction, artistic interpretation, sight singing, and reading music. Lessons will address producing a healthy age appropriate sound and expose the student to quality vocal literature. Opportunities for recital performance will be provided throughout the year.

Vocalists are also encouraged to begin taking piano lessons. In these lessons, students learn about the discipline of practicing, how to read music, and music theory, as well as the joy of playing an instrument. Singers who can read music and understand basic music theory are way ahead of the curve. Vocalists are able to build on the skills learned in their piano lessons.



Flute lessons are available for ages 10-adult. 


Hammered Dulcimer 

Hammered dulcimer lessons are available for ages 8-adult. 

The hammered dulcimer is a percussion instrument and stringed instrument with the strings typically stretched over a trapezoidal sounding board. The player holds a small spoon shaped mallet hammer in each hand to strike the strings. Its traditional use is in folk music. Hammered dulcimers can be purchased locally in Coshocton at Wildwood Music.   

Listen to an example of the beautiful hammered dulcimer here. 


Lesson Pricing

Private lessons are $26/half hour lesson. Students are required to attend a minimum of 3 lessons/month to maintain consistency needed for progress. Tuition amounts to $78 if 3 lessons are scheduled, $104 if 4 lessons are scheduled, and $130 if 5 lessons are scheduled in the month. Monthly payment is due the first day of every month.