Voice, Flute, & Dulcimer Lessons

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Voice Lessons are available for ages 8-adult. 

Individual voice instruction is offered for the beginning or intermediate student, with focus on the fundamentals of vocal technique and musicianship. This includes breathing and breath management, freedom of production, registration, resonance, diction, artistic interpretation, sight singing, and reading music. Lessons will address producing a healthy age appropriate sound and expose the student to quality vocal literature. Opportunities for recital performance will be provided throughout the year.

Vocalists are also encouraged to begin taking piano lessons. In these lessons, students learn about the discipline of practicing, how to read music, and music theory, as well as the joy of playing an instrument. Singers who can read music and understand basic music theory are way ahead of the curve. Vocalists are able to build on the skills learned in their piano lessons.



Flute lessons are available for ages 10-adult. 


Hammered Dulcimer 

Hammered dulcimer lessons are available for ages 8-adult. 

The hammered dulcimer is a percussion instrument and stringed instrument with the strings typically stretched over a trapezoidal sounding board. The player holds a small spoon shaped mallet hammer in each hand to strike the strings. Its traditional use is in folk music. Hammered dulcimers can be purchased locally in Coshocton at Wildwood Music.   

Listen to an example of the beautiful hammered dulcimer here. 


Lesson Pricing

Private lessons are $26/half hour lesson. Students are required to attend a minimum of 3 lessons/month to maintain consistency needed for progress. Tuition amounts to $78 if 3 lessons are scheduled, $104 if 4 lessons are scheduled, and $130 if 5 lessons are scheduled in the month. Monthly payment is due the first day of every month.






Usborne Books

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"Usborne and Kane Miller books are the most exciting, engaging, and educational books on the market today. They are high quality, innovative, lavishly-illustrated and best of all they are the books kids love to read. Choose from almost 2000 bright colorful and fun titles covering a wide variety of subjects."


I am an Usborne consultant because I believe in the power and importance of reading to children. I love Usborne's variety of interactive books, and I have a passion for making stories interesting and engaging for all children by incorporating music and sound effects into books when possible. 

Their books with sound buttons are also the highest quality I've ever found with real recorded instruments, which is great for the child (and less annoying for the parent)! 


Check out the selection or place an order here

View video examples of books and how to creative interactive reading experiences here


By hosting an Usborne party, you can earn FREE and HALF PRICE books! 

Traditional Parties

My parties are relaxed and fun.  You can choose whether you want it to be a playdate where I will do a mini music class with singing, dancing, and storytime for the kids  OR if you want to keep it a mom's night out where you get to preview books from the catalog without the kids!   Don't want to host it in your house?  You can also have a party at my music studio instead.  It's a great way to get to spend some time with friends while getting to preview the books in person before you buy!

Or earn your free books after the kids are in bed without even leaving your house by hosting a Facebook e-party!


Baby Showers & Birthday Parties 

Interested in having a unique baby shower or children's birthday party? Contact me to discuss details for having a book party where you and your guests get to experience the magical stories firsthand and order gifts right at your party!  


Book Fairs

I can set up books in a small book fair or booth for people to browse at your school, organization, or special event. Groups can earn free and half price books to add to their own collection or library by hosting a book fair!



Usborne provides a great fundraising opportunity by selling "Cards for a Cause."  These are boxes of absolutely adorable greeting cards that come out to only $1 each, when individually from a store they would easily cost $4-$5.  The fundraising organization receives over 40% cash back, making this one of the best fundraising options out there, both for customers and the fundraising group!  

Perfect for youth groups, families in the midst of tragedy or hardship, schools, scout troops, clubs, charity groups, and non-profits!




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Piano Students

Learning to play the piano at Sempre has been a great experience for my daughter and me. Our teacher, Courtney is an excellent instructor who makes learning enjoyable. She is very respectful of her students. My daughter has learned quite a few songs. I was very proud when she was able to display her talent at the school talent show and recitals.  -Sybil Sims and Edna Sims

I am thrilled with the teachers of Sempre Piano School! Each of them give valuable attention and creative instruction to my children. My children enjoy their lessons and look forward to each week, and strive to achieve progress in their practice time at home.

I have been a student of Courtney's for a couple of years. As a non traditional (older) student I was concerned that I would not have the time or patience to learn. I am having a ball and Courtney is a wonderful teacher. I highly recommend her to everyone interested in music.  -Joan Gipson

Music class and Piano are the highlight of my son's week!  He marks off the days on the calendar until class day. Miss Courtney is amazing at teaching the children. I nevertheless thought a 4 year would learn piano, but he came home talking about Treble Clef and Bass Clef and able to name all the keys and play short songs. She makes the classes fun and educational. I highly recommend any of her classes.  -Heather Perkins


Early Childhood Class Participants


I am glad to have found a wonderful music program for my toddler son to attend that is close to my home. It has not only exposed him to music and a variety of instruments, but also to other babies and toddlers as well as a very knowledgeable and kind music instructor!  -Amy Ross 

Courtney is an excellent teacher and works very well with young children. My 3 year old always looks forward to coming to class and I am amazed by the progress she has made in a short amount of time.  -Erin Wozniak

Nathan started the class at 17 months, he is now 29 months old. He loves music class, he has learned so much about the different instruments, sharing, & being a part of a group. I love watching him learn and grow. Miss Courtney is a great teacher and Nathan really likes her!!   -Nathan's Mom

 My daughter has been in Courtney's class since she was 18 months old. She is now 4 and a half. She absolutely adores Courtney and loves music. What more could you ask?  -Mike Blubaugh

My four year old son LOVES his music class. Since he started going he sings constantly and he talks about going to music class constantly. I am so glad I decided to do this. Miss Courtney is so great with the kids! She is patient and creative and they all love her. Thank you for such a great class!  -Ian's Mom








Tuition Rates

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Piano Lesson Package Pricing for children ages 6-18 years old:

Yearly Lesson Package Prices

12 Payments of $86/month for 30 minute lessons

12 Payments of $129/month for 45 minute lessons

12 Payments of $172/month for 60 minute lessons

Each package price above includes:

  • 36 thirty minute private lessons/year (averages out to 3 lessons/month)

  • Access to workshops throughout the year (examples: note reading workshop with games to reinforce reading notes on the staff, hands-on workshops with playing in groups and ensembles, composition workshops to help students with writing their own music, etc.)

  • Access to recitals throughout the year (examples: community service recitals at nursing homes, fun casual “fishbowl” recitals at the studio, access to Stark County Music Teacher's Association Ribbon Festival recitals & Scales Olympics, formal end of year recital, benefit recitals, outdoor summer recitals, etc.)

Additional lessons each month can be added to the package and purchased for $20/thirty minute lesson after completion of the 36 minimum lessons.

Other costs include lesson books (usually between $5-$10 each) and occasional registration fees for special events or contests.

Prepayment for tuition is due by the 1st of every month.  If payment is received on time for 12 consecutive months, student will earn a free lesson ($20 value)

See below for an example of how the 36 lessons breakdown.  You may work ahead of schedule, but realize that you are redeeming lessons from another month early and may need to add on to your lesson package once you get to the summer months.



Lesson Pricing for Adult Piano Lessons, Voice Lessons, or Flute Lessons:

$26 for 30 minute lesson

$39 for 45 minute lesson

$52 for 60 minute lesson

$5 per group workshop

$5 per recital


We require that you attend a minimum of 3 lessons/month to maintain consistency needed for progress.

Other costs include lesson books (usually between $5-$10 each) and occasional registration fees for special events or contests hosted by outside organizations or workshops that include supplies or special guests.

Prepayment for tuition is due by the 1st of every month.



Payment Methods:

Cash, Check (made payable to Creative Canton), Debit/Credit Card*, and FSS Vouchers are accepted.  *Additional fee for using debit/credit card may be applied to tuition amount