Piano Lessons

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Piano Lessons at Creative Canton Music Studio (inside Sempre Piano School)

We recommend that children under age 6 enroll in our early childhood recreational music classes. More information can be found here on the proper age to start piano lessons. 


We go above and beyond to individualize the piano lesson experience. Each student's lesson experience is tailored to that student's needs and interests. 

We also offer the most unique ways to motivate piano students in their studies. We strive to make lessons not only informative and challenging, but fun and rewarding. We have games, whiteboards, a technology station, a digital piano lab, and the creativity of all of our teachers to draw on to create what we think is the most fun lesson experience in Stark County. 

We offer regular workshops, activities, and performance classes for students so they can enjoy learning new things or reviewing fundamentals in a fun setting with peer support. Theory, rhythm, and ear training are presented in a fun, game-like manner for the younger students and sometimes in a more serious manner for the older student. Special guests (local university professors and performers) are invited periodically to give a unique perspective.



Having a love for music is an understated value. Really appreciating...really exploring... this is what develops a love for music. This is what drives our philosophy. We offer piano lessons with this sort of passion, and this sort of caring. And it's why we host piano workshops and other performing art workshops... fun ones like steel drums, dance, and more.

In order to help build the credibility of classical music in our students' minds, we bring in special musicians and artists to play a part in our music and piano workshops. We believe variety not only engages our students, but provides a perspective they may not obtain elsewhere.

The diversity of music and piano workshops provides students a different perspective of performing arts. The exciting and interactive side of these workshops assists our students in maintaining their interest in being involved in the music community.

Our workshops are open to the public, with first priority provided to current students. View our calendar of currently offered workshops and register by emailing us. 



All of our teachers have years of performing experience and understand the stress involved, but also the wonderful benefits. And, here at Sempre Piano School we want to pass these benefits on to all of our students. We offer many opportunities for performance, both formal and informal. We believe that all students should have the opportunity to showcase the skills they are learning in a performance environment, but we recognize that not everyone feels comfortable on a formal stage. We host performances in a variety of locations so that there is an interesting recital option for everyone.

"But, my child just wants to learn to play for himself. Why does he need to perform?" 
"I just want to have fun and performing takes the fun out of piano lessons for me. Why should I?" 

These are common questions we get from students, both children and adults alike. We do feel that some of the greatest skills and benefits to taking piano lessons come when performing and we want these benefits for all of our students. The things a student learns before, during, and after a performance translate to and strengthen all areas of life.

Managing Stress and Personal Stress Responses - Students will experience stress in a safe environment and over time learn to recognize and manage how their body reacts to a stressful situation. This, of course, translates to many areas of life where one experiences stress whether slight or significant.

Practice and Preparation - Students will learn what it takes to prepare for a major life event. They will learn the discipline, time management skills, and dedication that it takes to produce something for which you can feel proud. Students will need these skills regularly in future school and vocational settings.

Confidence - Students will learn to be confident in themselves. Through the preparation skills they have learned and the ability to manage stress, students will shine in any situation life throws at them. They will learn that they can control their responses to stress in any situation and develop courage and trust in oneself.

Concentration on Demand - Students will learn to concentrate and focus on a given task in their practice and then translate that learned focus to the stage for an intense focus in the face of distraction or stress. This is a key skill for every successful person.

How to Minimize Mistakes and Bounce Back From Adversity - Students will learn that mistakes are inevitable in performance as in life. What matters is how you work through those mistakes in the moment, react to them afterward, then improve on them for the future. Students will learn not to dwell on mistakes, but rather learn how to identify them and (with focused practice) eliminate them. Students will also learn that most mistakes do not actually detract from the performance in the same way that mistakes in life do not have to "ruin" you; it's how you recover that counts.

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Recital Opportunities at Sempre

At our school, we try to offer many performance opportunities throughout the year. Students can sign up for as many or as few recitals as they'd like. We offer a wide range in casual versus formal performances as well.  Some of our experiences include:

  • community service recitals at nursing homes 

  • casual "fishbowl" recital for young children

  • formal May showcase recital

  • Stark County Ribbon Festival judged competition

  • Scales Olympics competitions

  • Christmas recitals

  • Benefit recitals to raise money for specific causes

  • Akron Children's Hospital Play-a-thon

Some unique venues we have performed at include The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, The McKinley Museum, The Massillon Woman's Club, and The Canton Garden Center!


 Piano Lessons Are Not Just for Children

It is often perceived that piano lessons are only for children which deters older students who are interested in learning to play the piano. Don't let this stop you or your child because this is not at all true - you are never too old to learn how to play the piano. Adult piano lessons are more common than many realize. Music is central to human nature and it is never too late to learn a fluent command of piano technique at an older age. 

As northeast Ohio's leading music institution, Sempre Piano School is dedicated to developing a complete musician regardless of a student's age. We are committed to nurturing students, both young and old, to be life-long musicians and expanding the music community.

What to Expect from Adult Piano Lessons

At Creative Canton Music Studio, we understand that while life gets in the way there are still some music lovers who are interested in learning to play the piano. Adult piano lessons come in packages that are customized to individual needs and goals. Practice makes progress.

Why progress, not perfect? Adult students often come to piano lessons with different levels of anxiety and self-confidence. You can be assured that we are here to help you no matter what your ability or pace of learning. We have beginners as well as advanced adult students enrolled at Sempre Piano School and are well-equipped to help you learn at your unique stage. Our teachers are positive and friendly, here to help you enjoy your lesson experience and expand your musical education. In fact, we love to teach adult students. It is rewarding for us, as teachers, to meet a new friend in our community, and to enable someone to fulfill a life-long desire. 

We have the flexibility your schedule needs. Beginners are encouraged to come on a set schedule in order to be efficient in their learning progress. Intermediate and Advanced students are encouraged to learn under longer lesson duration, but these lessons can occur less frequently. Our experienced piano teachers will determine these packages during a personal interview and will tailor within each student's needs and capabilities.

Adult students usually sign up for piano lessons out of a personal desire to enrich their own lives and have very personal goals about what they want to learn. They are usually not compelled by others to work on their piano skills and so often do not think about performing for others as an important part of the lesson experience. Although we would never require our adult students to play for others, we certainly encourage them to try it. Studies have shown that adults who participate in group lessons, perform in recitals or for friends and family members, and engage with a wider musical community during their piano studies have more confidence in themselves, reap more benefits from their piano lessons, and have higher retention rates than their counterparts. Here at Sempre we strive to create a casual and non-intimidating atmosphere for the adult student providing unique performance and learning experiences for adults only - wine and cheese piano parties, holiday outings to local nursing homes, etc. You may find that you love performing after all!

Adult students are welcome to join our younger students in any and all workshops and activities that the studio offers. 


Summer Music Camps

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Please contact Jennifer Linville if you'd like more information about our piano camps or to register for summer 2016 at:  330-685-7333 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our summer piano day camps will immerse young musicians in a variety of musical experiences, covering diverse topics related to piano! 

Download the flyer and registration form directly here



Jump Start Piano Camp 

Jump Start Piano is designed for children who have NOT previously played piano. These camps provide a jump start into private lessons. Students will learn the basics of piano and note reading through fun group activities using pianos, drums, and other instruments as well as outdoor games to prepare them for a better start to private piano lessons. (Child will need a keyboard or piano at home to practice on.) Students will enjoy a family picnic and party at the end of the week!

Ages 6-8– Monday, August 1st- Friday, August 5th, 9:00am-noon

Ages 9-12– Monday, August 1st- Friday, August 5th, 1:00pm-4:00pm


Tuition: $215 tuition includes lesson books and materials, carrying bag, and snacks

Sibling Discount/Refer a Friend Discount: earn $30 off for a referral or for a second child's tuition


Registration Deadline: July 18th (Early Bird Discount: $20 off if registered by June 20th)



Crescendo! Piano Camp 

Crescendo! is designed for current late beginner to early intermediate level piano students. The camp will reinforce important music concepts and build on skills through fun games, engaging instruction, and creative expression while revitalizing their zeal for music making! Students will have the opportunity to play in duets and ensembles, explore Boomwhacker music, creative drumming, composition, music history, science in music, and much more! The specialized group classes allow the students social connections and collaboration. Students will enjoy a family picnic and party at the end of the week.

Ages 6-8- Monday, July 18th- Friday, July 22nd, 9:00am-noon 

Ages 9-12- Monday, July 18th- Friday, July 22nd, 1:00pm-4:00pm


Tuition: $200

Sibling Discount/Refer a Friend Discount: earn $30 off for a referral or for a second child's tuition

Registration Deadline: July 4th (Early Bird Discount: $20 off if registered by June 6th)





Homeschool Groups

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 In our homeschool piano group, students will learn to play piano with an emphasis on playing in duets and ensembles. Participants will also explore music history and a variety of composers and styles of music. The class will be hands-on fun using games to reinforce general music knowledge, guided listening activities, short videos on the featured artists/composers, as well as traditional readings and worksheets. Class size is limited to approximately 8 students.


Contact Jennifer Linville directly for more information on enrollment in our homschool group: 

330-685-7333 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Piano Lesson FAQ

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How old does my child need to be for piano lessons?  

I have accepted children as young as 4 years old for private lessons, but I would not typically recommend it. Some kids do alright at 5 years, most do better at 6 years, and there is certainly no harm in waiting until 7, 8, or 9 years old.  At that age they understand the concept of practicing much better and do not get warn out or bored from the repetition of having to practice at home every day. They also progress much faster so they get much more satisfaction from playing and have much more motivation to keep learning. 

For young children, we highly recommend the early childhood music classes we offer (which you can find listed here) which gives them the opportunity to get involved in making music from a very young age in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, gets them used to the learning environment, and can spark even more interest in learning an instrument for when they are older. 


I ask that you please read the following articles before considering piano lessons for your child:


I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing either this children's clarinet with 8 color coded keys.  Your child should be able to independently read the "notes" to the song and play them in the correct order and should be willing to play songs through 2-3 times in a row to "practice."  This is a great demonstration of cognitive ability, attention span, fine motor skills, left and right coordination, and musical interest that are all needed in piano playing. If they are unable to complete this with the children's clarinet, it is very unlikely that piano lessons will be successful.    Download the songs to play here